The glacier-cut road to Milford Sound

25 12 2011

By Whitney

Milford Sound, a glacier-cut water inlet deep in the heart of the Fiordland* National Park on the Southern Island, is one of New Zealand’s most recognizable sights. With soaring mountains, lots of wildlife, and one of the world’s most scenic drives to reach it, it’s no wonder it’s so popular! We were lucky enough to take a late cruise on the sound, and had the place virtually to ourselves! It was a far cry from the touristy bustle most people experience on the sound. Here’s a collection of photos from the stunning drive in, and of Milford Sound itself! Make sure and check out the pictures of the cheeky Keas – the world’s only alpine parrot. Intelligent and too curious for their own good, they’ll pick apart your car and fly away with the pieces if you aren’t vigilant!

(* New Zealanders, for some reason, use an “I” instead of a “J” in “fiord”. Not sure why.)

A Kea biting kayaking gear on a tour truck.

This is the moment where we thought “Hmm, maybe we should have gotten the extra insurance on the car…”. Kea are known for stripping the windshield seals off of cars!

After we passed through a tunnel in the mountains, the weather was completely different on the other side!

And here she is: Milford Sound. That’s Mitre Peak in the left center.

A Milford Sound rainbow!

Phil drinking from the waterfall :-).

Me, in a picture! I actually exist!

A boat in the picture for scale…

Daytime is when the local marine mammals rest up for their nighttime feedings. A typical afternoon consists of:


Big yawns:

And the tuck and curl:

On the way back to our hotel, the light got even better!




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