Quad biking without the pesky liability

23 12 2011

By Whitney

New Zealand has something the USA doesn’t have: People who don’t sue over everything. And that means when you do an adventure outing in New Zealand, it doesn’t feel like a safe Disneyland ride. Guided quad biking in the states? Flat terrain with an automatic. Quad biking in New Zealand? Crazy challenging terrain with a manual transmission. It takes a hell of a lot of upper-body strength and willpower to get through the tough spots. Here are some photos from the Tongariro National Park area (from quad biking through the bushland, and from hikes through the lusher temperate rainforest regions). It was a day to remember…and a lot of muddy laundry to do after :-). Make sure you scroll down for more artsy nature photography from the park, too!

I only got stuck once…

Can you spot Mt. Doom behind us??!

We also did a hike through the rainforest up to the alpine levels of the mountains, and it was just stunning. Pictures below!




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27 12 2011
Quad Biking New Zealand

Wow…..Nice pictures here….

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