A day in Bangkok

23 12 2011

By Whitney

Sorry for the radio silence, guys! Phil and I have been living it up in New Zealand, and that means remote areas with little internet access (the last place we stayed didn’t even have internet, and the place before that only had dial-up!). This is our last Asia post – i’m going to do a couple of New Zealand posts tonight as well!

We had about a day in Bangkok where Phil was feeling up to sightseeing, so we decided to head to the famous Grand Palace and to see the giant Reclining Buddha. The floods in the city center had receded enough that boat travel along the river was possible – an amazing way to arrive at the palace! The Grand Palace, built in 1782, has housed the King of Siam over the years (the current king resides at a different palace) and is a stunning show of excess and power. The Reclining Buddha is housed next door to the Grand Palace in the Wat Pho, which is also coincidentally the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. At 160 feet in length, the Reclining Buddha is overwhelming in size – and absolutely stunning! Here’s a collection of photos from the day’s adventures.





One response

23 12 2011

WOWOWOWO! So normally I read your posts on my phone while stuck in traffic on my way to work. Therefore I rarely can comment and even more rarely do I get to see your awesome photographs. Obviously I’m missing out. You have a fantastic eye and such a nice camera.
The bell shaped building with the sky and clouds in the background is electric! I love the colors on these buildings. I can’t wait to go back and look at all the rest. I haven’t looked at any photos since your first posting. (my bad!)

Thanks for keeping us up to date and letting us share your travels with you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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