A last look at Malaysian wildlife!

14 11 2011

By Whitney

Yes, we are three countries behind in blogging – so sorry, guys! We Had a few day stopover in Hanoi, Vietnam on our way to Cambodia, and we are now in Luang Prabang, Laos. In about a week, we take off for a remote 8-day trek across the Northern highlands of Vietnam (not the tourist=packed Sapa, the “real” Vietnam that is virtually untouched by tourism!!). For now, here is a last look at the wildlife we saw in Malaysian Borneo – cool Gibbons, Red Leaf Monkeys, Sivets (cat-like mammals), leopard cats, monitor lizards, skinks…it was so amazing!

Here is a time series of a Gibbon swinging through the canopy. Gibbons are really rare – they are also notoriously difficult to make out if you are lucky enough to spot them – they move really quickly!!

The adorable Red Leaf Monkey!

“You lookin’ at me?!”

A monitor lizard.

A freshwater crab.

A leopard cat! This is a threatened species.

A sivet – they are related to cats, but actually aren’t cats!

A beautiful owl we saw!




One response

15 11 2011
Ernesto Gluecksmann (@eglue)

Awesome pictures.

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