Insects of the Borneo Rainforest

31 10 2011

Here’s a collection of my favorite photos taken on our hikes through the jungle over the past few weeks. Insects in the jungle are incredibly fascinating – their role in the ecosystem of the forest is vast and irreplaceable. Even within a single tree, the insect world is complex and fascinating. Below is just a small slice of what we saw on our treks!

This snail was about 4 inches long!

Mating millipedes.

If Adam Lambert were a fly, this is what he would look like.

Symbiotic relationships!

Stick bug!

The moths were huge and beautiful!

There were ants of every imaginable size in the forest.

A leaf hopper (think grasshopper with a leaf-shaped body) that was over 9 inches long, hanging out in the dining area of our open air lodge!

Termites keep the growth cycle of the trees in check.

A tiger leech that had jumped onto me - that's why we wore "leech socks". They are a special fabric that the suckers of the leeches can't penetrate. You have to get to them before they crawl up above the socks and attach to you. A couple dropped onto Phil's neck, but we managed to get them off before they attached.

A cockroach that has evolved to look like a leaf.

A giant ant.

A beehive that is home to the largest honeybees in the world. They only live in this specific type of tree, which is threatened due to logging in the Borneo rainforest.




2 responses

31 10 2011
Dave Metz

Awesome bokeh EVERYWHERE.

31 10 2011
Dave Metz

Particularly enjoy the leaf hopper.

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