11 10 2011

By Whitney

In case anyone is keeping up with what is happening in Southeast Asia at the moment…please don’t worry about us! We aren’t in the record flooding in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (yet). We’re safely in Malaysian Borneo – and words fail to describe the magic of this place. Known for its pristine rainforest and as the last hope for many endangered species (orangutans, for example), it’s an environmental biologists dream land.

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our jungle treks in Bako National Park outside of Kuching, Borneo today to whet your appetite for the photos and stories to come! We will not have internet for at least 4 days while we trek through Mulu National Park (home to famous Deer Cave!), so updates will be a bit delayed. After that, we totally threw the budget out the window and booked 4 days deep in the Danum Valley at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge (these things can happen when a biologist is let loose in a wildlife fairyland of dreams. It may or may not be costing a month of my take-home salary to do that leg of our trip. We’ve decided to neither think about it or discuss it any more 😉 ). After spending roughly $25/night on average for (nice and entirely clean and adequate) accommodation, it will be fabulous to splurge and live it up in a private rainforest lodge. Tarsirs and orangutans, here we come!!

The amazing carniverous pitcher plant!


Macaque monkey

The endangered proboscis monkey...!!!

Don't look, mom!




7 responses

11 10 2011
Neil Krey

Beautiful. Justin, she will not be bringing any reptiles home for you.

11 10 2011

is that a constrictor? it looks venomous

21 10 2011

That is actually a viper – very, very venomous 🙂

11 10 2011
Stephanie Blankenship

OMG!!!! THAT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME AND AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I’m jealous (naturally) And I love that you are an amazing photographer Whitney. I think you could fund your trip by selling your photos! And for the idea I’d like free prints 🙂 Love you and miss you!!!

11 10 2011

Stunning. You are selling us on Borneo for our 2nd honeymoon! Have you seen the carnivorous plants dig in on any unsuspecting mammals? I wonder how they would feel about tofu? 😉 We felt close to you (in a pathetically jealous way) looking at exotic birds native to Borneo and other parts of SE Asia at the Nat’l Zoo yesterday!

20 10 2011
Tim Waanders

Hi Guys,

Great pictures! Hope The Danum Valley is even more impressive. After a couple of days city life in KL we’re in the Cameron Highlands, cool & wet. Longing for our last week at Langkawi!

Enjoy you’re travels & have fun!

Tim & Caro

21 10 2011

Hi guys!! We’re so excited that you dropped by the blog :-). Danum Valley was all we’d hoped for – simply stunning! We’re in jungle hangover mode now, getting ready to head to Sipidan. Glad the honeymoon is going so well 🙂 = keep in touch!!

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