Of sickness and dancing (not at the same time)

15 09 2011

By Phil

Couldn’t even make it 2 weeks without coming down with something 😦 No idea what caused it, but something is causing me some serious reverse peristalsis. “I guess we shouldn’t take a 2 hour bus ride, hike up a mountain and stay overnight on the peak with no medical facilities right after I threw up.”. You don’t need a Masters from MIT to agree with that kind of astute analysis.

Perhaps it was my body paying me back for running it a little ragged last night. During some exploring of Xi’an last night, I came across an arcade. And right in front was a big honking dance game machine. For those who don’t know, dance games consist of a pad you stand on with 4+ “buttons” that you stomp in time with their respective icons that scroll rapidly on a screen in front of you. I got pretty good at them a while back and though I haven’t played much the past few years, I couldn’t resist the chance for some fun and exercise.

There were some really good people playing freestyle when I came in (doing actual dance moves while still hitting the right buttons – much harder!) who had garnered a small crowd to watch their impressive gyrations. I had never played that particular game, an advanced version with 5 foot buttons plus sensors that picked up arm movements for even more complexity. I went around the side to play a 5 button game with no arm sensors, still slightly harder than the original 4 button version I played back in the day. (I love how “back in the day” means like 5 years ago now that everything changes so fast). I started to get some spillover crowd watching me, due to the novelty of a tall white boy tearing shit up in this random arcade no doubt. After several songs, one of the “performers” motioned for me to come and play with them on the “big stage” as it were. The thumbs up and “you’re good!” encouragement overcame my slight hesitation and soon we were all trading off songs like old buddies. Getting invited to play in front of a crowd with kids at least 10 years younger than me is definitely the highlight of my dance game career 🙂




3 responses

15 09 2011

Bahaha “dancing game career” is freaking fantastic. Excellently amusing post. Sorry you’re under the weather. Get well. This blog is a great way to start my mornings. 🙂

16 09 2011

Wow. Congrats! You’ve officially gone pro w your ddr skills!

21 09 2011

And I owe it all to you and that crappy plastic dance mat 🙂

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