Aaaaand….we’re back!

10 09 2011

By Whitney

After being in an internet desert, and then in cities where our only option was smoke-filled internet cafes filled with gaming teenage boys, we finally are back into decent wifi (I tried, guys. The smoking here is literally killing me. #1 complaint about China).

We hit the ground running when we arrived – the jet lag was surprisingly easy to overcome since we slept on the plane. We stayed in a lovely guesthouse smack in the middle of Beijing in a historic hutong (old style neighborhood).

Around our Beijing neighborhood!

Here is a link to my Flickr site with more pictures of the neighborhood!

From there, we wandered around town down to the Beijing gardens, Tienanmen Sq., and just generally poked around. It’s a popular thing to get your picture taken dressed up as emperors/empresses at historic sites, so we did that in the gardens! We literally had a crowd of Chinese people taking photos of us all dressed up – it was just the beginning for all the stares and people taking random snapshots of us!

Us all dressed up!

A stunning gate at the Beijing gardens.

Want more pictures? See them here:

We’ll be posting more on our hike along the unrestored part of the Great Wall, ancient Buddhist caves, a hanging monastery, and our current location – Pingyao, an extremely well preserved ancient Chinese city. Stay tuned!




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