Ode to Boston

24 08 2011

By Whitney

I’m currently sitting on a (slowly leaking) air mattress, the only non-floor surface left in our apartment. It’s been about 6 1/2 years since I arrived in Boston with my tiny VW Golf loaded to the brim. Boston is not an easy place to live – the roads are beyond confusing (I live near an intersection where TEN roads meet. No joke). The people can be abrasive. The winters are harsh (I didn’t even know what heating oil was before I lived here. If I hadn’t had roommates in the know, I would have been really baffled as to why the heat didn’t work instead of calling for a tank fill in late September!).

But, it’s also strikingly beautiful and incredibly dynamic. It’s an amazing amalgam of minds – Harvard, MIT, and dozens of other schools are located here. Google, Microsoft, and just about any biotech company you can imagine call the Boston area home. Through all the push and pull of my time here – the highest and lowest points of my life – Boston has played a major role in shaping who I am. So, for my last night, here is a collection of my favorite Boston photos I have taken.




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2 09 2011

I am also in the process of reflecting on my time in Boston–all told, the better part of 14 years over the last 20. My post-mortem is more positive, but as I leave I can’t help but look forward to better in Denver. Boston is unique, important, (in our country’s history, educational community, creative history/culture), and maddening. Thank you for your beautiful photos. Thank you for being here with Philip, such an important part of our last 3 years and Lyra’s first few years of life. Here’s to the best of Boston and the best of what is to come in Denver and San Francisco. See you in 6 months!

5 09 2011
Dave Metz


I’m probably not coming back, but the pictures make me nostalgic.

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